“Don’t be self – centered. Learn to be compassionate”, people say. And all your life, you try to care for ‘YOUR’ family, ‘YOUR’ friends, ‘YOUR’ friend’s friends, people who come to ‘YOU’ for help, ‘YOUR’ society, ‘YOUR’ country and finally ‘YOUR’ world. You look at everything from your eyes. So where is selflessness?
Written by ‘Self’


“Its always good to keep your options open. It’s good to have more than one to choose from. Apple or pineapple? Pasta or pizza? Infosys or TCS? Girlfriend or her sister? Our elders have taught us to be good at more than one thing at a time. The only thing they haven’t taught us is how to choose. You can be great lawyers and argue both sides of a case. But its never easy to be a judge.”
Written by Self

Everyday I thought to myself, why do I stay awake? Why is it that my eyes await him automatically? Its like this switch which doesn’t flip out till I hear from him. And when I heard that tonight I would be on my own, I was very happy. That I could savour the night on my own. I flipped the light off and went to bed.  All dark and alone. I flipped the light on. All dark and alone.