What “If”

What if our lives were mere computer programs wherein we could express our feelings with “printf” statements and read other minds with “scanf” statements?

We could permanently erase memories by formatting our hard-wired brains.

We could actually understand what others would be going through by just downloading his or her “metadata”.¬†Empathy and sympathy would not be in the dictionary.

Google Maps would help us choose career paths. What path to choose in life would not be the question of the year. If we are on wrong paths, we could just re-program ourselves and start afresh in a matter of minutes.

We would have super smart assistant, Siri to help us plan and schedule the events of our life.

Our mistakes could be corrected by fixing software bugs.

We could reboot when necessary and would just be a “power button” away from bursting into life.

Our values and beliefs would be input to decision making algorithms which would improvise dynamically to suit an ever-changing lifestyle. Fights and conflicts would be resolved similarly.

All we have to spend will be on software updates periodically.

Have you ever imagined how would such a life be? Would it be just sufficient and satisfactory to have such a life? Or do you think what we all have now is a gift?

Do tell me your views.

Signing off..