Am I dreaming? – Part 2

As promised, I am here with the interpretation.

Very recently, our dreamer(identity not disclosed) had this dream in which she saw
her own home.

The Dream

All she remembers is the appearance of a completely white background and then the
appearance of her own room.
The only element she sees in the room is the brown door. The room is completely
silent and peaceful and she feels very relaxed. She opens the door and enters her living
room only to see a lot o hassle. There are many strangers in the hall who are acting
very uncultured and are making a lot of noise. She is panicking and is struggling to
get those people out of her home.
After sometime, she recalls that some event happens and suddenly all the people vanish
from the hall and its restored to a calm state and she feels relaxed.

The interpretation

Now there are different ways to interpret this dream. Since she sees her own home,
it may indicate that her feeling of security was being questioned through the dream.
It may also indicate her thinking about venturing into a settled life(which I get to
know from checking her current details). The color white might have portrayed the
feeling of inner peace which she might get out of settling down.

The next element is the doorway she sees which opens into a disturbing situation. This
may represent an unwanted change which is making her panic.
The dream also shows the disturbance vanishing and restoring calm. For one thing,
this may be indicating her to stop panicking. Or, it maybe giving her the feeling
of what might happen if that unwanted change which she wished never came true, did
not really happen.

By looking at this, I feel dreams are just a way of restoring order in a being and
giving him a peek into his/her own subconscious self.

Interpretations may vary depending on how they are associated with the emotional self
of the individual.
The question is to whether blindly believe these interpretations and actually
consider the meaning behind it or just wake up the next morning and forget
the dreams we ever had.

As Yann Martel says in his book Life of Pi, “faith/belief is a house with many rooms
having doubts on every floor“.

Feel free to post your opinions on the topic..

Signing off..

P.S: The dream is disclosed with complete consent from the person.


Am I dreaming? – Part 1

I am jumping straight from study of active behavior to analysis of the subconscious for sometime.

I have been looking through many dream analysis books of late.
They say dreams represent the emotional state of a person.
Dreams use a variety of weird combination of elements to suggest
the subconscious state of the mind.By saying weird combination, I mean the most unrelated elements possible.

The combinations range from snakes in bed and computers being hacked to cars flying in the air and many more.

How to interpret a dream?

Now, many of us take the dreams in their literal senses.
For example, when a mother gets a dream of her daughter getting married, she may think
that is an indication that her daughter will soon be married.
Dream analyzers suggest that there is more to a dream than just its literal meaning.
In our example, the mother may be having this dream due to her anticipation of seeing
her daughter’s marriage. She may be looking forward to this event so much that her dream
had to give her the joy of the event to satisfy her expectations.

Dream Ingredients

They also talk about elements in dreams and the significance of these elements.For example, a house indicates security, basic needs and values. One may be getting dreams of home to indicate the feeling of being settled or wanting to settle. Of course, its the combination with which one dreams a home that leads to a meaningful interpretation. 

Color Magic in dreams

Colors also have significance in dreams. For example, white may be featured in many dreams with spiritual overtones. Its also recognized as an emblem of hope. For example, when people feel they have lost everything, they usually see the color white in  their dreams as an indication to restore hope and have faith.

But beware ! White does not always indicate positive potential. It can also
indicate a growing uneasiness with a similar approach to life.

The Great Fall

There are some dreams which feel so real that one cannot forget for a long period
of time. For example, dream of having a powerful sensation of falling. Falling
reflects the feeling of loss of control.

Based on my understanding of these concepts, I have tried to interpret a dream in the next part. Kindly check and any suggestions related to it are welcome.